Wednesday Window: shades of green


I took this photo last week while walking with a friend in the woods in Normandy.

Shades of green (by Claudecf)
Green is my favourite colour

It was warm and sunny and so pleasant to be walking in the shade.
Have I ever told you that green is my favourite colour?


14 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: shades of green

  1. Then you must love Ireland with its ‘forty shades of green’.

    Mind we used to say they still had forty over there as they were all over here walking or digging ours up. But of the few places I have visited, Ireland was the place for green.

    The photo is wonderful, but me I love blue.

  2. This green reminds me of my home state–Oregon! Of course, the state’s always green because it drowns in rain each winter…

    Beautiful photo, especially with light on the moss.

  3. Beaucoup de profondeur dans ces différents verts; mon photographe de père aurait dit que ta photo est piquée!

  4. My grandmother and mother were both very superstitious about green and so I was brought up thinking it was unlucky. Fortunately, by the time I left school I had grown out of such silliness and I love different shades of green now.

  5. You have captured the many shades of green in a most breath-taking way. It is a wonderful photograph. Wow, to be able to say, “I took this while walking in the woods when I was with a friend in Normandy.” sounds so exciting, so wordly, and if I let my imagination flair, almost romantic.

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