Visiting the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

While in Norwich, after visiting with Cer!se (why on earth didn’t I take photos? Too early?) for a great breakfast, and roaming Earlham Cemetery, Leo and Elly took me to visit the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, a beautiful museum situated on the grounds of the University of Anglia estate, where works by Henry Moore were displayed

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich
One of Henry Moore’s reclining statues

We took a walk in the grounds.

Cloudy sky
The Centre in the background

And then went into the Centre. Really a beautiful place. The light and the display of the works of art and artefacts is fantastic

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
I liked the lines in this view

and the students are so lucky to be able to enjoy the centre, which is free, where one can go in, walk around or sit and and read a book

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich
One work I found amazing

And what’s even more, photography is allowed, as long as you don’t sell the photos 😉
More of my photos here.
Don’t miss the Sainsbury Centre website, which is really a must.
Thanks again to Leo and Elly who took me there.


3 thoughts on “Visiting the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

  1. What an interesting head! Looks like a diagram of facial structure for a sculptor but also has an archaic air to it – due to its abstraction. And yet it’s rather lively…in a mime-like clown-like way!
    Did Henry Moore do this one?
    It’s very cool that this web site is soon going to have a Search the Collection feature.

  2. I love the head! and the view of the center with the sky and clouds is fabulous! I have always wondered why in Henry Moore’s statues, the heads are always so small?

  3. My son went to UEA and the graduation ‘bun-fight’ was held in the Sainsbury Centre. You’ve certainly brought back memories.
    I also used to teach at the middle school right next door to the University.

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