Wednesday Window: Thetford doorbell


switchtoring (by Claudecf)
Ever seen a doorbell like this one?

You can click here for a larger view
You must turn it to ring at the door, I guess.
Am I mistaken or is a hand actually holding the thing that you are supposed to turn?
I photographed this unusual doorbell model in Thetford, while in Norfolk.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: Thetford doorbell

  1. I just want to take some cleaner and remove the white spots, without damaging the patina. Somebody was careless when painting. But as usual the photo is intriguing. I did look at it in close up but not sure about the hand, if it is it has an extra long third finger.

  2. I think I have seen something like it in principle, although less ornate – it’s a simple mechanical arrangement that rattles a clapper against a bell on the inside of the door.

    In Scotland, you can sometimes still see a “tirling pin”, which is a solid cast-iron bar bolted to the wall beside the front door, and twisted, like barley-sugar (only with sharp edges), and a ring clamped round it on the end of a handle. You scrape the pin up and down the fixed bar – a most satisfying sound, as I’m sure many a child has found. What’s the French for “Knock down ginger”?!

  3. We used to have a door bell with a large key that one turned to make the bell ring. It looks as though this door bell runs on the same principle.

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