Wednesday Window: rainy rose


As it has been raining practically non-stop since last Friday, photo taking has been difficult. I don’t really want to get my camera too wet. And shooting photos or videos from my balcony can get boring after a while.
So here’s a rainy rose taken at Jardin Catherine Labouré in Paris, last Saturday.

on a rainy day
Rose with raindrops

You can get an even better view here


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: rainy rose

  1. Ah

    I am waiting for my first one to open – it looks like a Peace Rose but too frilly at the edge. Maybe its it second cousin – Friend.

  2. Gorgeous rose, Claude. Our roses are flowering now. And yes, rain. Especially Tuesday, which was like that early June day a year ago when you drove down to Saint-Aignan. Des trombes d’eau…

  3. Claude,
    The rose is gorgeous especially sous la pluie! I think that Catherine deserved to be a saint if such roses grow in her honor. Leanne

  4. It’s beautiful. The roses in my garden are only just beginning to flower so I’m hoping the storms forecast for today won’t spoil them.
    Is it still raining chez-vous/
    (Thanks again for your help with wordpress.)

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