Time flies!


It can’t be the first time I entitle a post ‘Time flies’. Well, the older I get, the more I feel it. Is it because I am slower, or because I like taking up new things with new toys?
Is it the (almost) daily exercise? It might be a bit of all these things put together.
I just realised that I still have photographs that I took last summer in Manchester, and that I haven’t processed, sorted out or uploaded yet.
And there’s this new toy I got that takes up a lot of my time.

The star

My brand new Flip Ultra Video

and the time it takes to process the video clips I take with it 😉
So of course, I try to combine everything together,

Setup for Word Time - week 6

All set to do Word Time 6 and bike at the same time

Or I walk and use my Flip while walking.

Because of flickr video feature, I have gone through the photos I have accumulated through the years and fished out a few clips that I took with my video camera and am trying to tame iMovie to edit them and upload them.
Like this one I took last September with my Lumix FZ8, when I went to Chaumont sur Loire with my friend Sarah.

In a hammock with Sarah*

I have no idea where my second foot had disappeared, but I swear it was there.
So between one thing and another, I just don’t have much time for blogging, although I am also posting once a week at ElderExercise.
I do try to read blogs as much as I can, but that’s still not much! Sorry about this. 😦

* The music is an extract of Franz Schubert’s Sonata in B flat performed by David H. Porter, copyright free music (public domain music).


11 thoughts on “Time flies!

  1. I ask one thing please post a picture in Wednesday window. You can then use your time as you will. Life is not a rehearsal, you only get one crack at it. So live it your way.

  2. You slowing down, I don’t think so!!!! With all your toys, your bike, walking, blogging and all the traveling you do, you are far from slowing down.

    I think you are more busy than ever.

    Keep it up and have fun.

  3. I’ve been thinking of buying a flip as well and am happy to hear you think it a delight. About the missing foot… could you have been steadying your camera on your bent knee? Otherwise, it really is a mystery.

  4. Wow, all that tachnology! Well done you for fitting it all in. The hammock clip could make you feel seasick but I loved the music – very soothing.
    I do enjoy your posts and photos but don’t worry if there isn’t time to do as much as you’d like provided it means that you are enjoying the other things that are taking up your time.

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