Anyone for ElderExercise?

Naomi from A Little Red Hen and myself have joined our efforts in a cooperative blog, ElderExercise. Each of us has different aims and practises exercise in quite a different way, but we try to support one another.
We both feel that we are ready to welcome new members, and after a call on Naomi’s blog, we have been joined by Kay from Kay’s Thinking Cap
Naomi suggested me to post this feeble attempt to join my exercise efforts to my newly acquired taste for video clips 😉
So here goes

Walking in my neighbourhood *

* Music: Square1 by Derrius Dean
Attribution alike, some rights reserved
I took this clip on my first time out with my Flip Video camera

If you are 55 or over, are willing to exercise some and to post at a cooperative blog at least once a week and to support co-bloggers through positive and encouraging comments, you can write us at elderexerciseATgmailDOTcom
replace AT by @ and DOT by .


12 thoughts on “Anyone for ElderExercise?

  1. Claude, ok, here’s the deal… when you first set up the co-exercise site I thought it was a wonderful idea and wanted to ask whether I could join your group. Then I prudently thought how terrible it would be to join and then fail. Now, I am throwing prudence aside and asking you if you would include me in?

  2. @ kenju, every since smoking was banned indoors in public places, it has increased outsine and smokers are now having their coffee out at sidewalks cafés. That leaves us, non-smokers, the inside.
    @ lilalia, there is no such thing, at ElderExercise, as failing. We all have our ups and downs, and are trodding along as best as we can 😉
    Welcome aboard!

  3. Claude,just saw a picture of you on Ken’s website. Your exercise program must be working! You look wonderful. Congratulations. I must join you.

  4. @ sablonneuse, welcome aboard.
    @ sally, thanks, am interested in finding out about my blood pressure and cholesterol count…
    @ Kay welcome aboard too!
    @ Autolycus, the Flip Video is a hand held, push button camera. Video for dummies sort of thing, so all I had to do was point, press the red button and forget all about it 😉

  5. I’m not up for the extra posting at ElderExercise, but want to tell you how much I’m enjoying this video. It’s like a meditation. Very cool. And I’m jealous of your Flip…

  6. what a wonderful range of responses. kudos to those adventurers who join our experiment. extra-special thumbs up to doing it in the summer! walking yesterday for me only happened in the very cooled-off Time-Warner center in Manhattan…following our granddaughter through Border’s Books. another reason we need bookstores.

  7. @ Ronni, you should be jealous 😉 it’s a lovely little camera!
    @ Jennifer, hope you’ll join in spite of the heat… 😉
    @ Naomi, walking doesn’t have to equal suffering! What’s wrong with walking in an air-conditioned place? I hear that in the state you’re having a heat wave? Hope it doesn’t get over to Europe!

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