Quilters at work


Just to keep you posted on the things I do and that keep me away from my blogs..
As I’ve mentioned before, my friend Fazou is a great quilter and has been part of a quilters’ association for some years now. I started taking photos at the meetings and last Thursday, I filmed a few clips with my darling Flip Video. 😉 stitched them together with iMovie and here’s the result.

Sonata No. 10 In C Major, K. 330 – III. Allegretto by W. A. Mozart, performed by Vadim Chaimovich

For better viewing, let the clip completely load first, and then watch it.
And no worry, flickr doesn’t allow more than 90 seconds’ videos, which I find perfect.
Not time to get bored 😉


5 thoughts on “Quilters at work

  1. I am impressed by your techno-savvy (skill at technology) and, rather to my surprise, much enjoyed watching the quilters. Almost made me want to take it up myself, except I am not as skilled at sewing as I should like to be. It looks so soothing and friendly.

  2. Oh what patience. Even when my eyesight was good I was never any good at sewing. Recently I found a former pupil who trained as a teacher and came to teach at the last school where I was teaching. She has since lefy to have a family but is doing an embroidery course. Some of her work is illustrated on http://www.intricatestitcher.blogspot.com/

  3. Charming! I have quite a few quilt tops from my mother that may or may not ever be made into actual quilts. Have a number of her quilts, also. Every young lady of her day (she was born in 1899) perfected the quilting skill, plus it was important to have a few quilts in your Hope Chest (which every young woman should have, also. When she became legally blind, sometime after age 40, and was no longer able to quilt, crochet or perform any similar activities, she somehow was able to hook rugs — using only certain types of old fabric, and designing her own geometric pattern shapes based on quilt patterns. She could no longer see to do the intricate flowers of many quilts. She also managed to use an old treddle sewing machine for certain other types of sewing, but couldn’t use an electric one. She said,
    “my fingertips are my eyes” as she successfully undertook many tasks independently.

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