Taking stock

Just noticed that my blogiversary had taken place and gone and that I didn’t even notice!
Well, it’s been four years, four years since I started this blog, right at the time when I discovered that I had breast cancer.
I was still working then, and was expecting retirement on September 30th 2004. Given surgery and radiation therapy, I didn’t even notice that I had retired until it was all over.
It was quite a change in my life, one that I thoroughly enjoyed, once radiation therapy was over and done with.


Since then, I have started photography, and using several different cameras, become a flickr addict, opened and dropped other blogs, and of late taken up exercising for health, which is taking up a lot of my time.
These days I find it difficult to post regularly. I just try to stick to my Wednesday Window routine, since that is one that is not time consuming.
Sometimes I feel tempted to give up blogging, but you see, I have made quite a lot of friends while blogging, some I’ve actually met for real, and others that I only correspond with through our blogs or through email. So blogging has become part of my life, a part of my social life that I really appreciate.

I am taking a break with my French blog for the summer. Will I start again, come September? We’ll see. I think that two blogs, not counting ElderExercise, which is more like an exercise log, is too much work. And I don’t want blogging to become a chore for me. I want it to go on being fun.

So will Blogging in Paris still be around next year? Who knows?


18 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. Well, Claude, if it isn’t here, I will miss you. A lot. I have really enjoyed getting to know you – and France – through your words and photos.

  2. Hello Claude,
    same for me, I will miss you, I read you and enjoy your pictures of Paris, England, Europe, New-York…
    but I agree, blogging should be a pleasure and not a chore,
    enjoy the summer,

  3. For me, your two blogs are two beloved books filled with warmth, magic, beautiful illustrations, priceless informations and deep friendship for the world-at-large, and each one of us. They will never be outdated. I will read them, again and again, whether you post a new item or not. I will also explore often your marvellous flickr and videos. All that matters is that you are well, happy and say hello now and again. Thank you, Claude, for all you’ve done.

  4. Congratulations, Claude, on the fourth anniversary of Blogging in Paris. I don’t get to read it every day, but I always look forward to catching up with you via your blog. Bob

    P.S. Norma sends her love and best wishes for four more years of Blogging in Paris, too.

  5. Claude, I do hope you can manage to hold your interest in blogging. I very much enjoy reading your stories and looking at your photos.

  6. Claude, I second everything thart Kay said!

    You are one of my very favorite blog friends and through blogging and our meeting in Boston I feel that I know you very well.

    Continue doing what you love and hopefully you will “keep on blogging” whenever you can.

    Whatever you do, – “enjoy.”

  7. I’d like to think that even if you stopped creating in your blog hope you and I would still correspond. Please don’t ever stop blogging because it is the only way I’ll get to see your wonderful photographs on a regular basis! When it comes to taking photographs you ROCK!

    Happy Bloggy Anniversary!



  8. Happy Blogiversary…but mainly…Congratulations on being a breast cancer survivor.
    You are an SOS…Sister of Survival.
    I, too, had my life turned in a different direction when I was diagnosed.
    Love the colorful balloons.
    I found your blog from and article in the Wall Street Journal.

  9. Up, Up and Away – is that how you are feeling?

    Or is the exercise giving you a ‘high’ and you are looking for that high everytime?

    We get a ‘high’ from coming to your blog. A big grin everytime. But its your life and you only get one shot at it – no rehearsal – so live it your way. But I will miss you – if you give it up altogether.

  10. Congratulations Claude! One of the nice things about a blog is that you can let it go fallow and then come back to it when you feel like it. I hope you keep Blogging in Paris up even if you only post occasionally. I enjoy it.

  11. Claude – I can only echo those before me. I hope you continue to blog, if only on a “sometime” basis. I wish you health and happiness for your future, and no matter what you decide to do, my life is richer for your blog. Thank you.

  12. I just loved getting to meet you and I love popping by here to catch up on some news or see your always GORGEOUS photos. (BY the way….whose handsome cat is that on your side bar…the orange one. He looks SO much like my departed, Angus, who was a Scotish Fold)
    One of the reasons I love coming by to visit you is because it’s NOT time-consuming and I mean this in a complimentary way. My time is usually SO limited and visiting blogs sometimes takes a back seat. But I always know that you don’t have one of the blogs with enough text for one post to fill a novel and I like that.
    So cut back, if you must (I had to do that after I signed my book contract in Feb. and will definitely be doing it again when I resume writing on Book #2) But please, please DO NOT give up your blog permanently. Take a break, cut back…..but don’t leave us!
    You would be VERY much missed, Claude!
    And a VERY Happy (but belated) Blogaversary to you!

  13. Belated congrats on your blog anniversary. I found you two years ago and have enjoyed visiting here. Though I don’t visit every day, I would miss coming here should you stop writing. I do agree that you want to spend your time with pleasant activities. Maybe just write on a “as the spirit moves you” basis.

  14. four years, claude, that’s quite a record. did you and TGB begin the same year…and does anyone look at the average duration of blogs? thought of you today while taking a picture of lily pad and flower here in portland (what would claude think). yours, naomi

  15. Dear Claude,
    As the spirit moves you — that’s the way to go! You would indeed be missed — although I feel fortunate that I’m beginning to read French well enough to understand Vieux, c’est mieux with fewer trips to the dictionary!
    It is certainly exhausting to feel that one HAS to write about things! I’ve stopped reviewing on amazon for the time being, just too much going on with other parts of life.
    I enjoyed so much our time together. I will send an email soon with news, but in the meantime will just leave this flying comment…
    Your blog was part of what pushed me to think of going to France! I am forever in your debt! (kidding, but only a bit)

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