Wednesday Window: caryatids


Caryatid and atlante
How would you like to open your window on caryatids?

The male counterpart of the caryatid is called a telamon. I thought they were called atlantes, but just found out that atlante is in fact the French word for telamon
Anyway, I find them quite impressive.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: caryatids

  1. They just do not go with my Cottage – old and decrepit – but I love it – I must do – I bought it twice.

    But, I bet they are in keeping with the rest of the building. Fascinating how in the past architecture always had art with it. Wonder why we changed to functional?

  2. @ Kenju, the rest of the building was more ordinary.
    I feel a bit like Autolycus, I think they’re great to look at, from the outside, but am not sure how it would feel to open my window on them every morning! 😉
    @ Mrs K, Wonder why we changed to functional? Most probably because ‘functional’ isn’t as costly!

  3. Oh, these really are quite impressive and I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like this before. I know I’m not familiar with the word. I think I’d rather like opening my window to these every morning, but then I love anything vintage and “old world.”

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