My Weekly Flick: Mums are so patient

My flickr friends from Norwich, Leo and Elly were here in Paris last week and we strolled through Paris cemeteries and other places averaging 16,000 steps a day. Just telling you this to make you realise, if you didn’t know that the life of a tourist is definitely hard work! 😉

Elly wanted to visit the Jardin des Plantes zoological garden, the oldest zoo in France. I was not very enthusiastic as I remembered going to that zoo with my first digital camera and finding it dirty, smelly and showing animals in rather bad shape, not to mention a high price for such a small zoo. But I must admit that the Jardin des Plantes Ménagerie (as the zoo is called) has improved a lot. And we certainly enjoyed it.

This was sort of tricky to film, as the animals were of course, on the other side of chainlink fence.

For better viewing, let the clip load completely before watching

  1. Don’t do like me! I almost missed a gem at our very own Millie Garfield’s blog, My Mom’s Blog. She was interviewed by ABC and I was delighted to see all the details, if you haven’t been there yet, don’t miss it!

6 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: Mums are so patient

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  2. Oh, this was so sweet! Loved the look on the mum’s face.
    And I did pay a visit to our Millie….we have a celebrity in our midst! She’s such an inspiration and a special person.

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