My Weekly Flick: Normandy tragedy

😦 flickr video uploading is down and has been down for several days. It took at least twenty attemps to finally upload that hailstorm to my photostream

😦 My Wii won’t work properly for lack of an adequate sensor. Why did I bother transporting it, if it’s not working?

😦 My Internet phone doesn’t work, due to works on the line and I only have my cell-phone, which I don’t like to use, as it’s expensive.

😦 And to add insult to injury,

This is only one among a lot of showers

Sorry for the poor quality of this, I just had to share! 😉
Now for something better, that I didn’t do. While in Paris at the beginning of July, here’s what Leo Reynolds took.
Very artistic, I think

La Défense, Paris

For better viewing, let the clips load completely before watching

And to finish with, a panorama of La Défense, taken on the same day, that I stitched, using my recent acquisition, Photoshop Elements 6, here, or in larger size, here.


6 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: Normandy tragedy

  1. Poor you! We had a deluge on Wednesday too – a bit better now, but a depressing week.

    And doesn’t La Défense (well, any modern architecture, really) look so much better in the sunshine?

  2. Well, my goodness, you really ARE having some techy problems in Normandy.
    That was a serious hail storm…haven’t seen hail like that in ages!
    Loved the La Defense clip….talk about well synchronized! The music (love Theme From a Summer Place) was just perfect. Well done!

  3. Ah, I always thought that Normany had ‘weather’ and not a ‘climate’. Just like the UK really.

    Never mind variety is the spice of life.

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