Wednesday Window: firebugs


Firebugs on a tombstone

I took this at Cimetière Picpus, one of Paris smaller cemeteries, which shelters a monument to General La Fayette. I realise this is not really an original photograph, as these are very common bugs.
I find them rather good-looking though. Don’t you think they look like some sort of primitive mask?


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: firebugs

  1. They’re so cute. And different from one another. I’m surprised they don’t have all the same pattern. I’ll have to study the question seriously…

  2. Hi Claude, we have thousands — millions! — of these little gendarmes or firebugs in our back yard. They seem to like living under linden trees, tilleuls, especially. They are harmless and almost never come inside the house. And I think they are pretty.

    Hope your weather in Normandy has improved. We’re having some nice days in Touraine right now.

  3. Claude

    Thank you for the close-up picture. We had a whole army of them in the backyard at the gite we were at, in Gilly-les-Citeaux, last month. First we thought they were “ladybugs” but then realised that they didn’t have black dots and were told that they are called “gendarmes” by the landlord. Ken is right – they did not comeinside the house but dissapeared after a rain storm to reappear again when the sun came out the next day.

  4. I wonder if those firebugs are related to our fireflys or lightning bugs we have here in the south of the US.
    Do those firebugs glow in the dark?

  5. Never seen them in the UK. But they brought happy memories back of holidays in France. We were entranced when we first encountered them and thought like you – African masks.

  6. I don’t think those have anything to do with fireflies. We have them here too, but I don’t think they are like this at all.
    Ken, I do remember seeing loads of them at your place.
    Good to know they are harmless as I find them rather pretty!

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