My Weekly Flick: who’s watching and who’s being watched?

Don’t you love watching monkeys and apes. I do and we were fascinated when at the Jardin des Plantes Ménagerie, we watched that little scene involving an orangutang and a kid.

One wonders who is watching and who is being watched

Remembered travelling through the Malayain Peninsula eons ago with my husband, and among the few words we had memorised, there was Orang=man and Utang=forest.
I found this ape’s expression incredibly pensive and human-like. I missed filming the beginning of the scene, in which a woman held her hand out to him and at that point he got really interested, when just before, he had looked bored. It felt like she was a regular visitor, and he was acknowledging her.
And then he got interested in the kid.

For better viewing, let the clip load completely before watching


6 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: who’s watching and who’s being watched?

  1. I don’t seem to be able to open the video, Claude. Even on flick’r. I’ve been told to return, which I did 3 times, today. Not working. The photo is beautiful. Yes, I could have a friendship with this ape. Often wondering: did we improve, or did we degenerate? LOL

  2. From Wikipedia “According to recent research by the psychologist Robert Deaner and his colleagues, orangutans are the world’s most intelligent animal other than humans,” Claude, Your video is wonderful. He seems fascinated. I always enjoy your pictures.

  3. @ Claudia, there must have been some sort of flickr hiccups 😉 I could make friends with this ape too.
    @ Marion, thanks, Marion. He was fascinated, I think.

  4. Sunday, noon time in Toronto. I got it, Claude. It’s marvellous. Thank you! A lot of dignity and kindness in that face. I imagine an old lady, sitting at her window, watching the world going pass and thinking, “They’ll get here, one day. It’s life!”

  5. This brought to mind a postcard I still have – over 40 years old now.

    Posted from Edinburgh Zoo – a Picture of an Orang Utan on the front and the words on the back say ‘When he knew I was visiting from Newcastle’ – He said “Do you Know my Cousin Mavis?”

    Claude its amazing how you bring many memories back to me. I got the card out and had another laugh at it.

    Keep posting – you make one who is slightly overdrawn at 71 very happy.

  6. Reminds me of frequent trips to the Phoenix Zoo (Arizona, USA)where I frequently took my dtr on daytime outings when she was quite young. The orangutans were among our favorites and I sometimes thought they had special interest in us, too, as we both had red hair.

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