Wednesday Window: Geneva Jet d’eau fountain


Geneva, Switzerland, the Jet d'Eau fountain
Geneva, last week, the Jet d’Eau fountain

I was there last week with my friend Liliane. It was hot and sticky, but the fountain was running. It is Geneva’s most famous landmark. I liked the contrast of the flowers and of the ominous sky.


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: Geneva Jet d’eau fountain

  1. It’s the tallest fountain I’ve ever seen! What are the green things on the right? I have some grasses in my yard that look exactly like that, only short.

  2. The details of this photo are fabulous! It’s so much better than the one I saw on Vikipedia and on the Geneva tourist pages. Sometimes, Claude, I think you send special messages to the X-GUY to get the set of clouds you wish, and the flowers to grow in a certain way, at a certain spot. Keep your secrets…as long as we see the photos.

  3. Years ago when my husband was on the board of his former company, we traveled to Geneva frequently. I remember the lake and the fountain but most especially all the beautiful flowers.
    Ah. Those were the days my friend.

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