My Weekly Flick: Dimanche Rive Droite

I am somewhat late for my Weekly Flick, but I have been pretty busy, cleaning up my Normandy flat to leave it acceptable for my daughter, driving back from Normandy and starting to pack my case.
I’m leaving the day after tomorrow for England, taking the ferry at ZeeBrugge towards Hull and driving on to Tyne and Wear. We will be visiting Newcastle, Durham and Hadrian’s Wall among other numerous places.
So I put together those two short videos that I took walking from Jardin des Tuileries along the Right Bank of the Seine, on a Sunday, which explains the relaxed atmosphere.
Across the Seine, you can see Musée d’Orsay, formerly a train station.

Passerelle Solférino and Musée d’Orsay

Contrary to what you might imagine, the music you can hear was produced by one man only.
On that day, I walked from Gare Saint-Lazare to Quartier Latin, which represented 16,000 steps 😉 A nice walk. Sorry for the camera moving, but most of the time, I was walking.

So there probably won’t be any Wednesday Window or Weekly Flick for a while, since I will be returning on August 12th. Enjoy the rest 😉


13 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: Dimanche Rive Droite

  1. Claude

    You have my email address – I am five minutes away from the Angel of the North.

    You would all be welcome for a cuppa or just a rest.

  2. Mrs K! This was the fastest reaction ever! I just posted! The thing is I’d love a cuppa, so would Catherine, one of my former colleagues but still friend 😉 but I don’t think we’ll have an Internet connection. We will be going to see the Angel of the North, that’s for sure

  3. Loved your photos of Mont St. Michel on your other blog. Still in a boot cast (kickboxing, can you believe?). Enjoy your trip. Sorry I’m too young for your Exercise blog or I’d be there.

  4. Hope you have a great time ‘Up North’ and look forward to the photos when you get back.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  5. Wonderful! I had the impression that I was walking with you au bord de la Seine. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Have a good holiday! Will visit flick’r while you’re away.

  6. How lucky you are ! That’s my favourite place in England. Not exactly because of the Angel of the North. But I have many friends up there.
    Enjoy your trip !

  7. Wishing you a wonderful time and good weather.

    If it’s not to late, be sure to pack a pair of comfortable shoes. Saw that photo you took of the tourist with her shoes off – take care of your tootsies 😉

  8. Enjoy your holiday.

    My first two girls were born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1980 & 1982. Durham was the place we obtained our good bargain of Corning Wares when they first manufactured…those days.

    thanks for visiting my blog

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