Wednesday Window: posing for me


posing for me
I felt like she was posing for me

I am briefly typing this with difficulty because of the English keyboard at Mrs K. who had the kindness to put us up and to let me use her computer.
The photo was taken at the border between Scotland and England two days ago.
Won’t be posting until next week but we ARE having a great time, meeting Peggy, who rescued us from a dreadful situation 😉 and then being welcomed and cossetted by Mrs K. and J.

14 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: posing for me

  1. Claude, good for you two, this sounds familiar — you rescued me from the Paris suburbs last year!

    You may already know this, but in case you don’t: if you are a touch typist, you can change the keyboard to a French layout and have your normal speed and change it back again. It’s in the keyboard settings, for both PC and Mac. I do this all the time in internet cafes around the world, because I’m on a meter and it makes everything go much faster.

  2. She knows in her little lamb heart just how beautiful she is and yes, she definitely is posing just for you and your camera. Have a wonderful time on the rest of your trip. Thank goodness for good blogging friends.

  3. Claude!!!!!!!! It really does look as if she is posing for you and what a loveky model she is!

    I’ll look forward to your return and the tales of your adventures. God bless Mrs. K. — you deserve to be cosseted!

  4. “oh, a beautiful one,” the resident spinner commented when shown this charming photo. it’s fun to follow your adventures.

  5. A Star is born…

    So good to hear from you. Blogging friends are like the pen pals of my youth. It was always a bit miraculous when the far-away friend would appear in my part of the world. Travel well and safe, dear Claude.

  6. Hello you! 😉

    Glad to read that you enjoy your trip…
    Is this a kind of “dahu montant”? ’cause I really imagined this mythical animal like that 😀

  7. Kay

    I was blessed the day I found this site, via Day in the Life of a Lazy Gardener.

    Claude helped me get an exercise bicycle at a very reasonable price when I just could not afford the prices in the UK. So one good turn deserves another.

    I have had a wonderful time with the two of them. They are welcome back here anytime.

    Q:How do you make a wooly juumper?
    A:Cross a sheep (mouton) and a kangaroo.

    Mint sauce does spring to mind as well – preferably made with home grown mint.

  8. I’ve been out of the blog loop for about 2 weeks……so popping by to see what you’re up to and I see you’re jet-setting around. Good for you!
    Love the photo of the sheep.
    How nice for that other blogger to rescue you. It’s comforting to know that through blogging, many of us have friends around the world.
    Have a safe journey back home.

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