Wednesday Window: From the top of Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral
Yes, we climbed to the top of the tower!

I am having trouble believing this myself. We visited beautiful Durham Cathedral, and Catherine asked me how I felt about climbing the 350 steps up to the top of the tower. I was not too worried about climbing up, but feared going down, which I always find more exacting on the knees and ankles.
Let me tell you that only a year ago, I would have politely declined! But I thought

What the heck? If I feel tired I’ll stop and go down before getting to the top.

It turned out easier than I had feared. I went up slowly, and in silence, while other people were panting just because they were climbing AND talking. And I went down slowly too.
The most difficult parts were when we were meeting people going up while we were going down or the other way round.
I must admit I am pretty proud of myself 😉

By the way, here’s evidence: I was there and so was Catherine

Incidentally, I will blog about meeting Peggy, Mrs K. and J., but it’ll have to wait till I get back to Normandy! I am sorting out photos, washing my laundry, and off to Vierzon in a couple of days, for a meeting with a college friend I haven’t seen in 39 years!


14 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: From the top of Durham Cathedral

  1. Good for you and Cathering.

    I did not tell you about the fantastic views from the top of the tower. I did not want to encourage
    you – but I might have guessed. Yes, its fantastic and yes its wonderful and so inspiring.

    Miss you both – visit not long enough – in the words of the Scots ‘Haste ye back’.

  2. What a fantastic photo! I’m not surprised you were able to do the 350 steps, after all the exercise you have been doing you were ready for those steps!!
    Your hard work paid off.

    What a busy person you are these days, one trip after another and getting together with friends – wonderful!!

    Enjoy 🙂

  3. Wonderful view! You must have been higher than the tops of those two towers? Quite an
    achievement! Better than the Olympic Games…Can’t wait to read all your adventures and
    Following Autolycus in Paris at the moment. I’m lucky to have friends like you and him
    for my cyber travels!!!

  4. @ Mrs K. yes, you had mentioned the knocker but not the Tower, and climbing was well worth it!
    @ Kenju and Martie, yes it was great. Thanks
    @ Millie, yes, it’s been a busy summer, busier than usual, but quite enjoyable!
    @ Kay, I’m always glad to leave and always glad to be back 😉
    @ Naomi, thanks, you are as good an elderexerciser as I am! (just made up another word!)
    @ Claudia, yes, it was quite higher than these other two towers. I didn’t get dizzy though, it felt very safe, up there.
    I hope you are still considering ElderExercise, September is coming 😉

  5. That’s great, Claude. It looks like you were having good weather too. Next think you know you’ll be climbing up the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower!

  6. That is IMPRESSIVE! And that goes for the view as well as your acheivement. Even in the days when i was relatively fit I couldn’t climb up towers – especially if it was a spiral staircase.
    I bet you are really pleased with the results of your fitness campaign. Very well done!!

  7. Good for you! Reads like your getting yourself in good shape. Last time I climbed anything of
    great height was in my youth. I had no trouble going up the fire tower, the view was fantastic,
    but coming down the open-in-the-back steps was a bit much. I finally sat down and scooted from
    step to step until I got much closer to the ground.

  8. I can testify that Claude did it. She was not exhausted and glad to be up there. I was there too and could admire
    the beautiful view. Travelling in the North of England was really a very enjoyable trip.

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