My Weekly Flick: Slow as a snail?

Well, I have not really been slow or lazy, but busy! So much so, that I didn’t have time to post a Wednesday Window, as I was on the road on Wednesday, on the road on Thursday, getting some rest yesterday, and getting around to posting a couple of things on flickr today, FINALLY!
Sorry for missing several weeks of Weekly Flicks, but things should get back to normal, now. 😉

So here it is. More soon! Promise!!!

You can hear my friend Catherine‘s voice, in French, complaining about my spending time filming a snail, and my friend Peggy‘s voice in English.
The snail was going his own sweet way on a map of Holy Island

14 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: Slow as a snail?

  1. I can’t believe you posted it, Claude!!! I was there, silly enough to complain about the time spent to film a snail!!! But now I realise it was such a delightful moment and it is so fun watching it again. Thanks for shooting it on its way to Holy Island….

  2. @ Peggy, you were the one who noticed the snail and pointed it to me!
    @ Catherine, without you, I wouldn’t have been there at all 😉 as you are the one who encouraged me to learn driving on the left! And it was fun hearing you again on that clip 😉

  3. I like snails, on a plate, smothered in garlic sauce and with lots of bread.

    I dislike them in my garden but the thrush and the blackbirds like them also.

    I loved the video.

  4. Actually that snail is walking faster than I do. She is also much more beautiful. I’m incredibly jealous. Didn’t know until I read “Living in Saint-Aignan” that snails are edible. Always thought of snails as annoying insects taking their own sweet time to get out of my way. I’m much relieved, now that I see a close-up, that I never killed one.

    The video is a lot of fun to watch and to listen to. You have such an eye for interesting life moments. You’ll probably end up doing much-in-demand documentaries for television.

  5. Just goes to show you. A film can be successful without sex or violence. If everyone could take such pleasure in the wonder of a snail’s stroll across a map, we might be living in a much nicer world.

  6. There is, at The Elder Storytelling Place, what could be called a companion piece to this. Take a look. It’s titled Pet Snails from Peter Tibbles who lives in Australia.

  7. @ Beverly, no he didn’t fall off. Snails are quite nimble and good at hanging on there.
    @ Mrs K. I like them in my plate too, but they are not exactly the same kind as the one you see in your garden.
    @ Monica, yes, he was in a hurry somewhere 😉
    @ Claudia, the fun part is not doing this because I have to! So I wouldn’t like to go back to working 😉
    @ Naomi, thanks
    @ Ben, quite right, no sex, no violence, just sheer fun!
    @ Ronni, thanks for the link, I enjoyed the story very much

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