Wednesday Window: Last week at my birthplace


Last week, my newly-found old friend, Annik, who lives in the centre of France, drove me to Issoudun, where I was born and a few miles away from where they were hidden during WWII.

France, Berry, Thoiry
Evening sky near Thoiry

Thoiry was only a hamlet, three or four farms, somewhere between Saint-Georges sur Arnon and Charost, in the province of Berry, where my parents found shelter.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: Last week at my birthplace

  1. I enjoy your blog so much. This photo is so beautiful–and looks like a Van Gogh painting with the wheat field and clouds. The story behind the picture makes it even more special. Please know that someone in Ohio is a faithful reader of yours!

  2. I was born there but after the end of the war, we promptly left to get back to Normandy where I lived until I was four years old. Then moved to Paris where I have always lived since then.
    So going back was like going to a totally new place.

  3. That photo of the wheat fields and the clouds is lovely and like Michele said, it does have the feel of a Van
    Gogh painting.

    And that picture of you when you were 19 months old – what a beautiful child – now a beautiful woman!!

  4. Claude, I was in Chârost in June with CHM. Did you see my post about it? Thoiry is closer to Chârost than to Issoudun, if I have found the right place on my map. See this topic for pictures of the church there.

  5. I saw the beautiful, imposing church on Ken’s blog. Your evocative photo, and your moving story, completes the picture. It’s so inspiring to go back to one’s early years, specially when one has been well loved.

  6. How wonderful that you were able to find this place! The photos of you and Annik are marvelous, as well as the photo of little Claude, and then grown-up Claude at the hospital today. I am remembering reading about the family that hid your family on your Diving into the Past — was Annik one of the members of that family by any chance? Her name sounded familiar when you first mentioned going to see her…but maybe that’s just my mind playing tricks on me! 🙂

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