This could be my motto!

Just as I was about to post this Maxine cartoon on my blog this morning, something awful happened. My blog just disappeared from the blogosphere. I tried to preview the post, and got a message that said:

You can’t get there from here.

Just where was here, and where was there, it didn’t say, but that’s all I could see!
When I typed, the same thing happened.
I had access to the dashboard, so I saved the blog. One chore that I might not have done otherwise.

This is exactly how I feel and act about a lot of things

Was I being punished for adopting Maxine’s maxim?

Incidentally, I didn’t know Maxine had a blog, I’m sure you did, Ronni!


8 thoughts on “This could be my motto!

  1. ‘You can’t get there from here’.

    I am so glad you got that message too – I thought my computer was on the blink, swore and said a few kinds words to it – zilch – still ‘You can’t get there from here’.

    So I tried another place to start from – still the same message – so I gave up.

    Then I tried tonight – bingo.

  2. As I sit here gazing at an enormous mountain of paper, I am trying to internalise Maxine’s message. Thank you, Claude for sending this cartoon our way. That must have been a horrible scare. I’m going to ask my son about how to back up my blog.

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