Wednesday Window: Phoebe


When we got off the ferry at Hull, we started driving towards Whitby, where we had booked at a B & B. We stopped at Bridlington for breakfast and walked around this coastal resort, typical with beach, ferris wheel et al.
Someone, those two people walking away, perhaps, had written “PHOEBE” in the sand.


Then we drove on to Whitby and stopped at Scarborough on the way over. We were totally taken with the Grand Hotel and even considered booking one night there, on our way back to Hull, but eventually, it just didn’t happen.
We had been to Whitby in 2007, but hadn’t visited the town itself, only the Abbey and the striking cemetery

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: Phoebe

  1. Phoebe = shining one (name of Artemis).

    Strange how the sea tries to shine on the beginning of Phoebe and the sun was out as well, looking at the shadows. Maybe Phoebe is the name of the woman.

    I am so glad you gave the Gran a miss, it was fabulous, but it has gone slightly downhill inside and you would have been disappointed. Like all good buildings it will arise again.

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