My Weekly Flick: tourist show at Gretna Green

Like a fashion show

We were in Gretna Green, a village that used to be the first Scottish village on the road between London and Edinburgh, where a lot of runnaway marriages were celebrated in the old days.
Nowadays, it has become a tourist must stop, with coaches full of tourists from all countries and I was amused by all this tourists marching in order to have their photo taken by a friend next to the bagpiper.


6 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: tourist show at Gretna Green

  1. This video was so much fun. I’ve always wanted to do that; take a popular tourist monument or site and spend the day taking photos of tourist all being photographed. This was even better because the common denominator was the bagpipe player.

  2. I’m laughing my heart out…I hope someone will give a photo to the bagpipe player! He is good, y’know. I’m not sure, if I were him, I could keep playing without bursting into laughter. You could have a fulltime job, at that place, taking photos all day long. Oh! I forgot…You WANT to be retired. Thanks for the fun!

  3. This happens every day! They just keep coming.

    It is my opinion that if you have a piper, parking for coaches, a place to pee and a get a nice cup of tea you have yourself a Scottish tourist attraction.

  4. The Piper has a hat, you just drop the money in. He must be making money – he is a ‘SCOT’.

    The saying in UK is a Yorkshireman wants one shilling and a pennies worth for one shilling, a Scotsman is canny and will settle for a shilling for a shilling.

  5. This video has put a smile on my face after a long day. It is as if the tourists are a choreographed group of dancers hoping in and out of dance. Thank you for sharing with us.

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