Wednesday Window: near Holy Island


One of the places we really wanted to visit was Holy Island, also called Lindisfarne. And in fact, we went there twice. Once with Peggy, but that time, we had somehow disregarded the hours of tides and the island is only reachable at low tide. That time, we just got in view of Holy Island and gave up, but not until I had filmed a snail’s progress 😉 .
The second time, the weather was not as good, but Holy Island is a magic place and although it was misty at best, and raining at worst, we really enjoyed our visit.

Misty Holy Island
Misty at best, raining at worst

More photos of Holy Island here


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: near Holy Island

  1. Wow !!!! It’s even more beautiful now !!! I was there with Claude and that day trip to Lindisfarne was interesting and fulfiling for the eyes and minds. The pictures Claude took really render beautifully the poetry and magic atmosphere of this island. Thank you Claude. Cat

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