My Weekly Flick: baa baa here and baa baa there!

When we got to Housesteads, it felt like we were in the middle of a demonstration. Baa here and baa there, went the sheep.

It took me a while to understand what all this racket was all about.

Ewes and lambs at Housesteads

It seems that we got there right after they had separated the moms from their young, and both sides were either protesting or calling.

More of my Housesteads photos here

Or maybe, as Catherine suggested, they were just counting us 😉


7 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: baa baa here and baa baa there!

  1. You can count yourself lucky it was not cows and their calves, the noise is horrific and goes on and on for at least two days and is louder at nights.

    Its to stop both lambs and calves from suckling once they reach a certain age.

    Another bit of useless information, which I am full of.

  2. In August the lambs are separated from the mothers so that the lambs are weaned (as Mrs K has said) and to allow the ewes to get back into condition. It isn’t as cruel as one would think. After about 24 hours the noise stops, lambs are weaned – there was no physcial reason for them to continue suckling. The big boys are then let back into the field with all the ewes and the cycle can begin again.

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