I turned sixty-four, (one of my favourite songs by the Beatles) last week and between the gifts, the get-together with my daughter and the walking, I have been pretty busy.
It’s been a year of change. It started badly, with having to admit that I did have high blood pressure, that my triglycerides were too high and my cholesterol out of order. Not to mention the pounds that had added up during the last… ten years. I didn’t mind the last so much, but the high blood pressure represented the first regular medicine I had to take. Talk about getting old.
Four years ago my body failed me when I found myself with breast cancer. But just when I started feeling that this was behind me, I had to accept a daily pill.
I must admit that I hate taking medicine and seeing doctors. So, this was a blow but when the doctor suggested that if I didn’t take the medication and if I didn’t try to mend my ways I’d be a good subject for CVA, I figured that it was time to do something.
There I was lucky, because I joined a programme, which, besides a thorough checkup, offered a three-day session, during which you were offered advice for starting up exercising and changing your way of eating.

Daily pill

My daily pill

So I did make a lot of changes to my way of life.
My goal at the time, was to stop taking my high blood pressure medication one day and to avoid having to take statins to fight cholesterol. Those two things may never happen, since my blood pressure is OK WITH the daily pill, and although triglycerides are back to normal, cholesterol is still a bit high.
But on the really positive side, I have rediscovered exercise!
As I am the queen of gadgets, I purchased a pedometer. And several pedometers later, here is the queen of pedometers, discovered by Sara, a faithful member of ElderExercise


The queen of pedometers for the queen of gadgets

And I started walking, and walking… and walking. And what seemed almost impossible at the beginning, has become my daily routine.
The doctor also prescribed brisk activity of some kind. I told you earlier about purchasing a reclining indoors bike, which, I must admit is OK. Except that I don’t enjoy pedalling as much as I enjoy being outdoors and walking. So I save the bike for really rainy days. And I must admit that ever since I got back from Normandy, I haven’t used it yet. But I know there’ll be days.
I do try my best to have at least three brisk walking sessions a week, –between 30 and 40 mn each–, four sessions the weeks I am lucky 😉
Another thing I do is record my daily progress on my Google calendar, for my record and also at ElderExercise, one of Naomi‘s brilliant ideas.
I am also having a one-hour weekly Feldenkrais session, but I did that before starting the programme, and have added a stretching session, which has done me a lot of good.
I have added a weekly splash at the swimming-pool and hope this good resolution will hold out throughout the winter…

This has had the most wonderful effects on my mood and on my health. I have gone down from size 20 to size 16, and I am not out of breath when I climb up stairs any longer. I used to complain about joint pains all the time, and although they are still here when I get up in the morning, they subside as soon as I get moving. Quite a lot has happened since I wrote this post, back in August 2006

Durham Cathedral

At the top of Durham Cathedral

So should I thank cholesterol and high blood pressure? 😉

The down side of all this is that I can’t keep up with everything. In other words, you have noticed that I am not as faithful a commenter on your blogs as I used to be and that I don’t post much on my own blogs. Off walking 😉


22 thoughts on “Sixty-four

  1. Happy birthday , Claude,
    you are an inspiration and would like your enthusiasm be contagious, I keep quitting exercising instead of doing it…
    wishing you a lot of walking and photographing and filming.

  2. Happy birthday!!! I’m working back into shape after being in a leg cast. I’m back to hiking in the mountains and yoga and biking and walking. So glad to see that you’ve met goals, have captured the rewards and you look great!!!!
    May this year be another wonderful one. Happy b-day and many happy returns.

  3. We all miss you, but it is great to know that you have lost that much weight and that your BP is under control. Be glad you don’t have to take as many pills as mr. kenju (21 per day)!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!! 😉

    Wow, from a size 20 to size 16!! You gave yourself a wonderful gift – Weight loss, more energy and you are not breathless when you take the stairs!!

    I know you worked very hard to get where you are today and set a good example of what can be down when you put your mind to it!!

    I know I wouldn’t be able to accomplish what you did and are doing but I’ll try to start doing something.

    Thanks for getting me motivated.

  5. Bonjour Claude,

    My belated Birthday wishes and congratulations on meeting your goals. Even though you don’t have the time to blog on a daily basis, it is still a pleasure to click on your sites everyday to check whether you have a new post.

    Bonne continuation

  6. Hi Claude

    Happy Birthday from Joan and me – belated though it its.

    Saw programme on TV – eat beetroot every day or drink beetroot juice. Scientists have discovered it lowers Blood Pressure. Better than a pill. We are both trying it out. So the Juicer has come down off the shelf. Mind – no vinegar at all with it. Oh and you can eat vegetable crisps – not potato ones, parsnips, sweet potato, carrot and guess what – beet root.

    I still think that’s the best picture of you.

  7. Happy Birthday from Canada. Thanks for sharing your walking program and the gadgets. In a couple of days will be my BD, and your post is a good reminder that I really need to shape up. All the best to you … Keep on walking AND blogging!

  8. I’ve sent TWO comments to this blog entry but they don’t seem to be sticking.

    I’ll try a third time . . .

    Claude, you are doing SO well. I couldn’t believe the sparkle you had when I saw you in August. The exercise has done you the world of good. I only hope that I am as pretty and vibrant as you when I get to 64.

    Happy Belated birthday darling Claude!



  9. Hi Claude…

    A very Happy, Happy Birthday to you Claude! I hit the big “67” this month myself. And that is a really good photo of you!

    Still drop by from time to time and check on you and your latest adventures and photos. Look forward to many more years of the same!

    Alan G

  10. Claude: you look wonderful & congradulations on the weight loss. Keep going & if you can’t get rid of the BP pill perhaps the dosage can be reduced. Extra weight, I am convinced, is the enemy after about 40. You are another among my acquaintances who have lost weight & felt so much better. I admire your resolve & your walking & your attitude! Good for you. And of course happy birthday.:):):)Dee

  11. Many, many good wishes, Claude. Alan is correct: wonderful picture of you. Yours is such a courageous and determined spirit that comes through your posts. Even though you may post less often, I’m hoping we’ll continue to share your photos. Yours, naomi

  12. Brava, Claude, and happy birthday! Sorry I missed the day itself. It’s great to know that we can do something about these health issues and you are a wonderful example of that. Glad my finding the Omron has been such a success! It has transformed my whole approach to walking too! May your 64th year be one of the very best.

  13. Happy belated birthday! It’s taken retirement to allow time to read all the blogs I’ve admired and all their (fairly) recent posts. Your dead leaf stayed with me most of the day whenever I was outside walking. Looking for especially fetching dead leaves was a great reminder to be here now. Thanks!….m.e.

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