My Weekly Flick: Translation, anyone?

Geese are soooo loud! They always seem to be in the middle of an argument.
But maybe it’s their way of saying: I love you!

Goose talk

This was taken at the beginning of our trip last summer not far from Hadrian’s Wall

On a different note, thanks for your good wishes on my birthday everyone 🙂
Thanks for your encouragements and your advice, too.
Just one thing, even if beetroot was going to lower my blood pressure, there’s no way I could eat it. I’d rather take medication. I hate everything in beetroot, its color, its texture, its flavour, the way it stains every other food around.
Not many things I won’t eat, but beetroot is one.


5 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: Translation, anyone?

  1. I think the white one is saying….”I’m tired of sitting on these eggs all the time! You never take your turn. Why don’t you sit on them a while so I can walk around?!”

    And a belated Happy Birthday!

  2. From my small experience of geese they can be very efficient ‘guard dogs’ so maybe they were discussing who they had succeeded in seeing off.
    I’m sorry to hear you can’t stand beetroot. I never liked it in England because it came pickled in vinegar (shudders) but since a French friend served it as a starter, cubed and dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and parsley I love it!
    Belated Birthday wishes for 64. I’ll be joining you in age in November.

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