Meeting a fellow photographer


Today, I met Monceau, a flickr friend and we went to Cimetière du Père Lachaise.
It was our second cemetery walk together. The last time was back in November 2007 and we had gone to Cimetière du Montparnasse.
We met outside the cemetery and chatted while walking around and taking photos.
I told her about the hundreds of photos sitting on my hard disk, unprocessed and waiting for me to find time to have a serious look at. I mentioned walking and ElderExercise and she asked me if I had a pedometer.
I said that of course I did and we both got our pedometers out and guess what?

identical pedometers

We have identical pedometers!

I have been to Père Lachaise many a time. I never really look for specific graves and just go wherever my steps take me, except of course when going with Leo and Elly Reynolds who always have specific goals. So I knew that Marcel Proust‘s grave was there but I had no idea where.
Well today we came across it.

Marcel Proust

With Proust’s famed madeleine on it

We actually walked by the grave as two men, holding a bag of madeleines, and enjoying one passed us. I didn’t see them put the madeleine on the stone, but there it was, ready to be photographed. 😉
We spent three or four hours there and enjoyed gorgeous sunshine. So much so that now and then we complained that the sun was preventing us from taking adequate photos, because of unwanted shadows.
There’s no pleasing some people. 😉

sleeping with a dead leaf

Sleeping lady

We will, no doubt take another walk together. I haven’t been to Cimetière Montmartre in a long time. So when I go, I’ll give Monceau a call.


10 thoughts on “Meeting a fellow photographer

  1. Hi, I am an American photographer and Le Pere Lachaise is one of my favorite cemeteries! I always attempt to get there very early in the morning but… The nights in Paris are NOT for the squeamish and I always find myself surviving on just a few hours of sleep!
    I recently blogged about Pere Lachaise. This is the link in case you are interested (I also have many other posts about Paris under the category Paris – how original, I know!)


  2. The visitors didn’t leave a cup of tea to dip the madeleine in?

    Even though you two have identical pedometers, I can tell which one is yours by the count!

    I really love Pere Lachaise. It is such a quiet, beautiful and interesting place to walk.

  3. It’s lovely to imagine the conversation with a stranger, a fellow photographer, who you met online, when you suggested going to a cemetery together for your first photo date. It speaks for the two of you being people of character (smile). Thanks for the photos.

  4. Like you, Claude, Monceau has many many beautiful photos on Flickr. It’s a pleasure to look at them all, especially the ones of Paris, which I miss after spending so much time there in the past. Maybe one day I’ll get to spend time there again. Bises, Ken

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  6. Ah, claude, such an all-encompassing post. How the world of 50-plus bloggers who visit here have resisted your subtle nudges toward Elderexercise is a mystery. Yesterday I lunched with a friend who had revived her Omron-in-a-drawer for a recent trip to London because I answered one question from my own small understanding of the device. Step-counting became an added adventure for three companions on a marathon of play-going.

    Once again the photos are exceptional and I wished for a video of the men carrying the bag to Proust’s grave, chatting, and a little music.

  7. Sweet! Both the madeleine and the sleeping lady. I will check out Monceau’s photos. Pere Lachaise is a must for my next trip to Paris!

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