My Weekly Flick: coitus uninterruptus

Don’t expect porn here! Back in June, we visited the Ménagerie at Jardin des Plantes and went inside the vivarium.

Behind the glass, two frogs…

There were quite a few children visiting the vivarium at the same time as us. I how frogs’ ears are not as sensitive as mine… probably a life a putting up with children’s voices 😉 There was a sign saying that animals do get frightened by screams and loud noises, but there was no shushing them.
So I covered some of the noise with music.

Not as clear as it could be but after all, the frogs were behind thick glass 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: coitus uninterruptus

  1. You’re going to get SO MANY hits on this blog entry. 😉

    When I saw the title I thought, what has our Claude stumbled across with her all-seeing camera?

    The froggies are beautiful.

  2. Those froggies were doing just what comes naturally and were oblivious to what was going on around them – As long as they had each other.

    But maybe Kenju was right – she did look like she wanted to get away.

  3. And maybe that’s why Claude chose music entitled “Fear” for the soundtrack! But she didn’t really seem scared, just reluctant…

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