Wednesday Window: elder role model


When I saw her, I loved her instantly. She was there at the Luxembourg gardens, sitting on a bench, smiling to herself on that beautiful October day. What you see in her ear was not a hearing aid but an earphone as she was listening to music.

Listening to music
Elder role model

One day, when I am “old old” as Mort Reichek put it in a remarkable post, I hope my health will allow me to spend time thus enjoying myself.
I will probably not be listening to music on an iPod, as I really don’t like earphones in my ears, but I might sit on a bench with what the next generation mini computer, light enough to be carried around by elders. 🙂
Talking about “old old” if you haven’t read this series yet, you don’t want to miss The Oldest Old project at Time Goes By, a week’s worth of wonderful posts by people like Darlene, Mort Reichek, mentioned above or Millie Garfield.
The project starts, blogwise, with Darlene, and you don’t want to miss any of the others, so go down the pages.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: elder role model

  1. yes, she looks so comfortable with herself. and the chair next to her with her shopping bag and also an absent or recent visitor?

  2. Wonderful photograph, Claude. Lovely looking old woman. And look at those sturdy walking shoes.

    For the same reason as yours, I don’t own an iPod. It’s the earbuds that irritate my ears, and I’ve never wanted to lug around the big earphones I use at home.

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