For those of us who can’t see it…

because we are not in the US, here’s how we elders are going to make the switch from analogic to digital television.

I got this thanks to Time Goes By who got it via Millie Garfield and Steve Garfield.
Now, without Kate who was kind enough to find the YouTube link and send it to me, here’s what tomorrow has in store for us

Millie would dub it, I can’t open it!



7 thoughts on “For those of us who can’t see it…

  1. Yes, Ronni! I’m glad I left a comment saying I couldn’t see it. It’s not the first time I can’t see something from that site. Good that Kate knew where to look 😉

  2. HA! I already have my 2 digital converters, but if that’s what it takes to connect them, I am doomed to the dinosaur ages….LOL. We have 2 TV’s on cable, but several others that are on antennas. I’m not sure it is worth that hassle!!

  3. Sheesh!!!!!! What a mess!!!

    I don’t watch enough TV to bother with it. Then again, I have the cheapest cable available. I won’t have high def until my TV dies — and it’s only two years old — it will prolly last until I die.

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