Wednesday Window : Durham cathedral knocker


Durham Cathedral knocker
I have never seen a knocker like this one

More photos of Durham here, but I am far from having finished the upload!

Update: the knocker on the door is a replica. The real knocker is in the cathedral’s Treasury. It dates back to the MiddleAges

Durham Cathedral was also a centre for criminals seeking sanctuary. A criminal would bang the sanctuary knocker at the north door on Palace Green to alert one of the watchmen. They would be admitted into the cathedral, and offered sanctuary for 37 days. They were obliged to confess the details of their crime to the coroner, and they had to change their clothes for a black robe with a yellow cross on the shoulder.

From BBC h2g2


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Window : Durham cathedral knocker

  1. Claude

    I actually knocked the knocker that is now in the treasury. I was 9 years old.

    I love the picture. And yes its Thursday today.

    Guess what – load of visitors again – this lot leaving Sat – next arriving Monday then I am off to an Enchanted Ball in Scotland on Tuesday. Been driven up there and back. Can’t wait.

  2. We have a photo of a seven year old Henry with his mother and sister at the door of Durham cathedral. It is one of Henry’s favourite places on earth. I think we’re due a trip over there soon. Haven’t seen it in a while.

  3. love this little guy! He reminds me of Dobby the house elf…I think I might have said that before on Flickr. He IS a bit scary but I also find him poignantly human…

  4. That is indeed a bullet hole. I can’t remember when it happened, I think 19th or 18th century, but a passing Dandy decided he use the knocker for target practice.

    Cheeky blighter!!

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