Happy Halloween

I haven’t taken any suitable Halloween photo this year, too busy with exercise and ElderExercise, among other things.
But I still flickr quite a bit. One of my flickr friends, mrs. t has posted this jack o’ lantern, which I simply find magnificent.



And here’s the whole process. I’ve never done this but it sure looks like a lot of work!

Creative ms.t at work

13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I consider it a lot of work also and that’s why for the past two yrs I put other “funny gadgets” in the entrance and windows to let the children know that there are treats 🙂 waiting for them. Over the yrs the number of children has been increasing and I have started to make little bags of goodies. Happy Halloween ~~~~~~~

  2. FANTASTIC pumpkin! I didn’t carve but hung little pumpkin-y lights in window…AND Claude, I don’t remember when you recommended Corpse Bride on Blogging in Paris, but I had it here and it was the perfect movie to watch on Halloween! May become a tradition! Thanks!

  3. Happy belated Halloween! My dog dressed up for the day–I posted a photo of him on the blog. But surprisingly, we got hardly any trick or treaters. Now I need to pass along the Snickers bars before I eat them for breakfast! And lunch and dinner.

  4. I liked that Jack-o-Lantern so much I printed it off for my husband yesterday and we got sooooo many comments on our “scary” pumpkin!

  5. Happy Halloween right back!

    I bought pumpkins to carve up, but then I never did. They are untouched in a semi-harvest festival display on the old range. Now I think they will be roasted!

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