Wednesday Window: YES, YOU DID!!!


Last night, when I finally fell asleep with the TV on, a bit after 3 o’clock Paris time, the results weren’t there for good, but I knew that Barack Obama was to be the 44th president of the United States.

A few days ago, flickr friend zyrcster was at a rally at Pueblo to hear Obama speak.


Just go to her flickr page and read what she wrote.
I knew that if Barack Obama was elected, and he is, I wanted this photo on my blog.

Last night I heard this lovely sentence on TV that says

Rosa sat so Martin could walk, so Obama could run, so our children can fly

Don’t you love it?

Congratulations to all! I really feel that the United States of America have turned an important and historic page.
My thanks to zyrcster for letting me use her photos. More of her rally photos here


21 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: YES, YOU DID!!!

  1. We watched the returns from here in New Zealand, and tears streamed down my face when Obama was declared the winner… knowing that my absentee vote was one of the millions that brought him to office. Thanks for this post1

  2. It was an amazing evening. He gave an amazing speech that gave us hope. He didn’t candycoat or mask the difficulties ahead or promise a quick fix but he gave us hope and from hope comes strength and dedication.


  3. Tears keep welling up in my eyes when I don’t expect them. It’s nice not to have to feel embarrassed about being an American, especially a white American, any more. I really feel a new era has arrived, replacing the dark days that began with the Vietnam War more than 40 years ago.

    Did you see this anecdote on a blog in the New York Times? Overheard in North Carolina in a crowd of people standing in a long line to be able to cast their ballots. “How long have you been waiting?” one person in line asked another. The answer: “About 200 years.”

  4. When I saw men in tears last night ( at 11 PM when the polls closed on the west coast and the media officially announced Obama’s victory) I realized that I was not alone in thinking that this is a historic moment not only for my American neighbours but to the whole global village. Obama has galvanized a whole country since he decided to run for office and he has shown that ” this day has come”. Good luck to the unifier

  5. Our problem is that we’ve become so accustomed to disappointment that we hardly know whether to believe the wonderful results of yesterday’s election. But if you saw the countless people weeping with joy over Obama’s victory, you realize what a transformational moment and opportunity this represents.

    I don’t think the path ahead will be easy. America has never been a perfect country (see Ken’s long list of failures and shortcomings on his blog today), but Obama gets it right when he reminds us that our task is not to lose sight of but to pursue that “more perfect union” described in the U.S. Constitution.

    Many of the people who wrote that Constitution had slaves, and I was reminded this morning that slaves laid the steps to the Capitol in Washington.

    We’re not there yet, but we’ve come a long way, baby.

    Now, on to the challenge of restoring America’s good name.

  6. @ Naomi, yes, it takes a while to take in 😉
    @ the Beaver, thanks for the link to this very moving photo
    @ Ken, I have a tendency to tears today too. The lack of sleep might add to it, but also, it is a momentous moment
    @ Peggy and Kenju, yes, I understand this
    @ Bob, yes, there’s quite a lot of work ahead, but you HAVE come a long way baby! 😉

  7. Glad we U.S. voters have received a little hope ourselves and given some to the rest of the world with the results of our presidential election. We can all enjoy the moments preparatory to lots of work ahead.

  8. It was incredible here in Ohio today. The sky was never bluer, the leaves were never more golden, and everyone at work was smiling. There is so much good in this for so many reasons-the racial barrier has been broken, people feel united and we all feel so hopeful that what is wrong will begin to be made right again. It is so wonderful to know that people all over this wonderful world are sharing our joy-I am reaching through my computer and giving each of you a hug.

  9. Thanks for that wonderful picture, Claude! Rosa, Martin, AND Barack’s grandmother were all jubilant last night! Hope is indeed an audacious thing but I am ever so glad that we in America are hoping again, voting again, and hopefully uniting to address all the issues that confront us! A long way to go, but good leadership goes a long way…

  10. It has been so amazing to see the worldwide interest in this election. We only had 64% of our American eligible voters cast votes, but the whole world engaged.

    I wonder… do you see his logo — the flag/road on the horizon within the “o” — as a NEW WORLDWIDE LOGO? Just curious.

  11. I followed the trail from your profile to this blog. I’m going to add it to my links. I cried, too, when Obama was elected. I can’t remember doing that ever…well, out of happiness. I felt like crying when Bush was elected but obviously for different reasons. I attended the March to Washington and heard King give his Dream speech. I still remember the thrill of that day, the belief in the air that’s taken this long to bring this far.

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