Not a flick but a slideshow


I must be in a food mood, winter coming and all that…
So instead of a video, I thought you might like a peek at things that I or people I was with have eaten and that I thought looked good at the time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Food", posted with vodpod

To have a closer look at the photos, all you have to do is either to click on the one you’d like to see or go to the flickr set here


8 thoughts on “Not a flick but a slideshow

  1. You manage to find such interesting ‘angles’ for your photos. I’d never have imagined a boiled egg could make a good picture and the waffle was most effective. They all made my mouth water – with the possible exception of the oyster, as that’s one of the few foods I don’t like.

  2. the only thing i’d like better (than eating all of this) would be descriptions telling us what each item is or the recipe. the egg, the waffle, and the oyster i get, but all the other photos leave me wondering how to recreate each thing myself….maybe you could start “claude’s winter cookbook ideas” or something….

    great post!

  3. I just feasted my eyes on all your food slides. Oh, were they wonderful.

    I’ll have the fruit tart and the waffle now. Tomorrow I’ll have the potted meat and that beautiful layer cake, the next day I’ll have …. and the next day I’ll have …… and the next day I’ll have….. 😉

  4. @ sablonneuse, sorry about the oyster, I love oysters 😉
    @ m.e. forget about Claude’s cookbook, I love eating but hate cooking 😀 I too love the elephant egg cup! I collect elephants of all sorts, except real ones of course!
    @ Millie, I know how you feel. I have lots more food photos, but I spared you. Only looking at them make me put on weight
    @ Kay, just the idea behind the thing!

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