My Weekly Flick: City Lights

My Weekly Flick has not really been weekly lately, neither has my Wednesday Window. Sorry about this, too much exercise, no doubt.:)
Here’s something I captured a couple of nights ago, crossing the river Seine and walking towards Notre-Dame de Paris. Even at night, while the bridge was rather deserted, there was an accordion playing.

Looking at the river Seine

For better viewing, let the clip load completely before watching


13 thoughts on “My Weekly Flick: City Lights

  1. GORGEOUS!! I grew up in a city with a river running through it, and my favorite thing about it was seeing the lights reflected in the water at night. It was magical to me as a child and still is. The Seine is magnificent day or night!

  2. how wonderful! the city of lights. (it reminds me that i did not take a riverboat ride on the seine last time i was in paris. tsk. i won’t skip that next time.)

  3. The view was lovely but the swishing of the river and the accordion music just added that something extra. I don;t know why, but I’m guessing it was pretty chilly.

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