Wednesday Window: The Angel of the North


The Angel of the North
The Angel of the North

This photo was taken thanks to Mrs K. one of my faithful commenters who has become a friend and generously welcomed us in Gateshead. Let her and Joan be thanked.

We had indeed caught sight of The Angel of the North, a huge structure conceived by Anthony Gormley, which can be seen when you drive around Newcastle. Mrs K. made it easy for us and drove us there, then into Newcastle.

You wouldn’t be able to see this photo the way it is if it hadn’t been photoshopped by Leo Reynolds, who “removed” the people 😀
The original photo is here
More photos of Newcastle and Gateshead here
More to come when I get some time away from walking


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: The Angel of the North

  1. Ah, that cheered my day – the kitchen is being re-jigged and dust and muck everywhere.

    Escaped upstairs and what was waiting my Angel in Gateshead and my Angel in Paris who reminded me that veeter days were had and there will be more to come.

    Signing off with a big silly grin on my face.

    Thanks Claude for lifting my mood.

  2. Beautiful scene Claude.

    I had to laugh at the term “photo shopping” as it remeinded me of my daughter in law’s mother’s birthday a while back. She had just turned 70 and the party was festive with a band and a display of all sort of photos of her and her family.
    My son had “doctored” one of the family group photos since there had been a messy recent divorce and daughter in law’s sister’s ex husband had just remarried his young “honey”
    When I looked at their family group photo and asked my son where is “B,” the reprobate, my son replied
    “I turned him into a TREE in the backgound. 🙂

  3. @ everyone, things competent people can do with photoshop are incredible. I am only an eternal beginner and won’t get past that stage, because I am too restless and impatient to really get anywhere 😀
    @ Mrs K works in the kitchen would drive anyone crazy! Happy you liked this post.
    @ chancy I just loved your photoshop story! It made me laugh too

  4. On the Antiques Roadshow recently a model of the Angel of the North was valued at a million pounds. I have to admit that when I saw the real thing I was disappointed and found it too ‘heavy’ and quite ugly.

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