Just how I feel


about Christmas presents! 😀

Can’t wrap this!

Thanks, Curiouskiwi and El Blanquito on Plurk


9 thoughts on “Just how I feel

  1. I was just lamenting last night how my wrapping seemed to be getting worse and worse (even on nice regular boxes), all crinkled and the sellotape all over the place. It must be something to do with getting older, though I shouldn’t say so, I know.

  2. That was so great!!

    I gave up trying to wrap things -( I buy those lovely colorful bags that come in all sizes) just pop in a little tissue and it’s done.

    The only thing I couldn’t put in one of those bags is a puppy. 😉

  3. This is a great video!!!!!!!! I’ve become a gift bag kind of gal after years of wrapping gifts that were “too pretty to open”. Wasn’t it Thoreau who said, “Simplify! Simplify!” I think he had it right.

  4. Yay, cute cute! Gift bags are THE way — and I bet you could even find a cute sort of doggie carrier for that sweet pup — or you could just put a bow around his neck and “consider him wrapped!”
    wrap rap wrap rap wrap rap love it…

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