Best wishes

It was Susie Vereker‘s comment yesterday that woke me to the fact that I was finding it more and more difficult to come here and blog.

But let me wish you all a happy 2009. May it bring you health and happiness.
I haven’t taken any joyous or festive photo for a while, but I like this one for odd reasons.

Dead leaves


12 thoughts on “Best wishes

  1. All the very best for the New Year, Claude! I do miss your blog posts and wonder if there was some way to help you back blogging again. Give it some thought and let your readers know. It would be such a shame if you stopped.

  2. Claude, all of nature goes in cycles, and blogging, as Autolycus said, is not compulsory. take a rest when your spirit demands it. there’s nothing more precious to creating than wall time–when you just sit there and look at the wall and let it all percolate.

    happy 2009….

  3. I like all your photos, Claude. Blogging should be without a feeling of obligation, but when you are not here, you are sorely missed. Happy New Year!

  4. While I’m down here in Florida I have more things to blog about but less time to hit the keyboard. Once I settle down to do it, I still enjoy it.

    Don’t visit other bloggers as much as I used to but try to do some visiting.

    There are no snow days here so I get out every day. don’t spend much time at home.

    Claude, even though you don’t blog as much as you used to, your photos are always worth the visit.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year!

  5. Claude, Pleased to reach here via ElderExcercise link after having trouble connecting for a couple of days. All good wishes for a peaceful and satisfying new year…with lovely pictures shared whenever it strikes you. Yours, naomi

  6. I like that photo too…interesting textures and subtle colors…and the way the leaf is furled and pierced looks almost like silken lace…

    Bonne Annee aussi…

    I just hate it when I can’t get those accents in…I have some keystrokes that are supposed to work but in this comment window, they don’t. 😦

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