Paris in the snow

A couple of weeks ago, we had loads of snow, which is quite unusual in Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg

Entire parts had been closed to the public

So the garden looked like a huge empty field. Quite different from what it usually looks.

Fallen leaf 2009/5

Fallen leaf

La reine des neiges

Shivering queen

More snowy photos here


15 thoughts on “Paris in the snow

  1. You seem to mange to have lovely experiences in spite of the cold and extra snow cover! I can understand that Christmas and January might be a little harder for you than for others, but you certainly seem to cope marvellously! I hope the rest of winter passes in a visually exciting way and we get some gorgeous Spring photos from you soon!

  2. In all those years I spent in Paris, I never saw the Jardin du Luxembourg like that.
    And I used to work right over there by the Panthéon, so I was in the gardens a lot. Thanks for the picture.

  3. @murfomurf, thanks for visiting. I am looking forward to spring shots!
    @Ken, I’ve already seen the Jardin du Luxembourg with snow but never that much. This year was really unusual!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I’ve visited Paris several times, only once in the winter and never in the snow. I’ll never forget,once when we were visiting the Jardin du Luxembourg we stopped to listen to an orchestra made up of all young people playing outdoors. We were surprised (and a little dismayed) to discover that the musicians were from very near our home town (in the U.S.).

    Thank you for sharing your winter in Paris experience!

  5. @Betty, she definitely did!
    @Kay, I can see how it would get far from exciting after a while!
    @m.e. snow hardly ever holds here!
    @teeveebee, thanks for visiting. There are quite often “out of town” musicians in Paris 😀
    @Arty, thanks!

  6. So that’s where all the snow went… We haven’t had any in London (apart from one brief shower that melted on landing) and I am so glad about that.

    Keep up the good work. I mean keeping all the snow for yourself 😉

    The pictures are pretty too… 🙂

  7. For someone that had lived in Canada for 20 yrs and now in Hong Kong.
    I miss the snow, thanks for reminding me. Feel like taking the next flight to Paris…the city of love and romance.
    Thanks for the pics.

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