Blogging delight

or maybe I should say, blogging surprise.
Imagine! One day when I was feeling old and low because the tip of my fingers constantly felt like I had been soaking them in water for hours, I complained about this on my French blog, Vieux, c’est mieux !!!.
A nice commentator, Carolyn, suggested I get something called Bag Balm. She said

In the US the two best products for dry skin are Corn Huskers Lotion for slight dryness, and for serious dryness, Bag Balm (used by people who milk cows by hand). You put some on after washing your hands at night, put two pairs of gloves over your hands, and go to bed. One or two nights may solve your problem.

As I never expected anyone to solve my problem (asking my dermatologist hadn’t helped), I guess I just wanted to moan on some sympathetic shoulders, and blog readers are such wonderful sympathetic shoulders to cry on!
But lo and behold, a few days later, an old friend from Illinois, Harriett, sent this cryptic message

La Bag Balm est dans le courrier!

which meant that the Bag Balm was in the mail!
Of course, I wrote her right away and she said that she had bought a tin and put it in the mail.

Bag Balm

Isn’t it a lovely green tin?

Then in a private mail, she wrote

Yes, we use it. It does work. My friend just had radiation therapy after
breast cancer. She had some burning and the oncologist recommended Bag Balm.
We can buy it at the farm store or course, but I bought this at a fabric shop. Evidently people who sew also get dry hands and need relief. I am sure that it is used by more non-farmers than by farmers for their cows.(…>

I figured that if it’s good for cow udders, it must be good for me!
And it is!

My hands feel much better than with any other hand cream I have tried, and mind you, I’ve tried it successfully on my feet and am planning on trying it on my face!
Wish I’d known about this when I had radiation therapy
I have also looked into how I could get another tin when this one is finished, and easy peasy, I have found a company I can order it from!
Its only drawback is a slightly unpleasant smell. But it is something I can live with!
Thanks Harriett!


13 thoughts on “Blogging delight

  1. I am delighted to be reminded of Bag Balm. My husband, an old builder and carpenter, and all that sort of thing, is plagued with cracks on his hands, but won’t use my skin moisturizers because he considers them sissy cosmetics concocted to fool women into spending money. He can’t have that sort of objection to Bag Balm, and the slightly unpleasant smell will be a favorable attribute.

  2. Claude, it is wonderful for hands and feet alike. I use it often. I slather it on my feet and pull on white socks for sleeping and I put it on my hands, massaging it into my nails, and I put on non-latex gloves for the night. After a few nights, your hands will look great and feel good, too!

  3. Here in Memphis, TN we can purchase it anywhere, all the groceries, drug stores, and discount stores. About ten years ago we nurses found it and all were so happy. Now we cannot have a common tin at work. Infection Control….

  4. Here’s a suggestion from a knitter,”Udderly Smooth Udder Cream… inexpensive (under $2.00/regular size at Wal*Mart or $1.00/tiny size at Dollar Tree) and specifically formulated to eliminate dry, cracking skin on dairy cows’ udders. It’s non-greasy and won’t leave a residue on your yarn. I get the one in the tube rather than the bottle because it’s murder to get out of the bottle and the tube is more portable.”

  5. thanks for the reminder! they sell this stuff everywhere in the Midwest. my thumbs are falling apart these days….will go look this up, see if the nation’s capitol sells anything so useful.

  6. Claude, I’m so glad you got Harriett’s package and now I realize I need Bag Balm for my hands too. I’ve notice that they sell a special lotion to treat cracked fingertips at the pharmacy in Saint-Aignan. It’s a common affliction here, and I suffer from it. I’m going to the U.S. in a couple of weeks, so I’ll look for Bag Balm there.

  7. When my daughter was a baby, my husband’s cousin who is a pediatric nurse in a local hospital suggested we use this for prevention of diaper rash. Subsequently, we’ve used it for dry cracked hands and feet, heat rash, etc.

    Fast forward to her 16th birthday- which will be THIS Friday and we are still on the original tin. It lasts a good long time. ;o)

  8. I’ve also used the Udderly Smooth product. Works great and is very inexpensive. Interestingly enough, you can also purchase horse shampoo and conditioner for your hair. It’s called Mane ‘n Tail and is also available at the drug store around these parts. It’s supposed to make your hair grow faster and thicker.

    Isn’t it nice that blogging buddies are so quick to offer help and advice? And in a pretty green tin, too! 🙂

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