Feeding the gulls

I took the underground from my place to Hôtel de Ville and walked back in two stretches.
On the way back to Montparnasse, I stopped on a bridge and briefly filmed this old lady feeding the gulls!

I think she saw me and didn’t mind being filmed 😀


9 thoughts on “Feeding the gulls

  1. It’s nice of her to do that. So many people say not to feed them, since there are too many of them and they are dirty birds. Whenever I see a large flock, I always wonder how many there are in the world. We have gulls here in Raleigh too.

  2. The feeding of gulls and pigeons in town is frowned upon or even prohibited by law, yet people still do it.

    There is “casual” feeding by people who do it occasionally and “organized” feeding by individuals who dedicate themselves to this “work”. Our upstairs neighbour, an elderly man, used to do this until he was found dead in his flat. He even had pigeons rearing chicks in his flat at one stage.

    People who do this are usually elderly and living on their own. It seems likely that they do this because it gives them a purpose in life. They may claim that the birds (or the feral cats) need their support but the real reason is their own need.

    I think either that feeding should be tolerated in these circumstances (perhaps feeders could be licensed and given a badge to wear, both to identify them and make them feel they are “official”) or that some other activity found for them.

    Nothing will be done, of course, and they will continue on the margins, occasionally being prosecuted and locked up in a care home.

  3. HI, Claude. I found you via Naomi. You do such wonderful photos and videos. I am very jealous of your talents.
    We see many gulls in the wild on the West Coast. Recently in Oregon we had a visit from a gull who I swear wanted to hang around with us just for the company!
    Margaret Atwood calls them “rats of the sky,” but they are beautiful creatures and great survivors. Maybe that’s why we elderly love these birds: like us, they survive.

  4. there are loads of gulls in DC…the soccer and football fields (the latter before they covered it with astroturf last year) at the university where i used to work are jammed with gulls after a hard rain…they come to get the worms driven out of the sod by the water.

    lovely video….but she doesn’t look like an OLD lady to me!

  5. @kenju, I mind feeding pigeons more than feeding gulls! But I guess that as there are more and more gulls in the city, I’ll start minding them also.
    @silver tiger, it’s prohibited here. I must say I have no theory about who feeds the birds 😉
    @Kay, thanks
    @Hattie, thanks for your visit. I too tend to find gulls rather elegants birds!
    @m.e. 😀 I wouldn’t call myself a young lady! Rather an old one!

  6. Hi Claude, I’m a regular to your Blog. Totally blow away by your visual sense, you have such talent in photography.

    I visited Paris in 1987 for 3 weeks when I was 30 yrs old. How time flies….I hope to return to your great city one of these days.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and everything.

    Sending you well wishes from afar.

  7. I like this photo and can appreciate the pros and cons of feeding or not feeding pigeons and gulls. I live about an hour inland from the Pacific Ocean, but the gulls make it this far. Used to see flocks of them circling an intersection a mile away. Then a restaurant that was located there was torn down and I haven’t noticed the gulls since. Wonder now if they left open food leftovers in trash bins outside that attracted the gulls.

    Am reminded of a favorite gull photo my husband took on a trip we made to Maine. The gull was perched on top of a garbage can that looked exactly like the gull was the handle.

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