At Schönbrunn in the snow

Just came back from a five-day-trip to Vienna, Austria, which was quite snowy while I was there.

Schönbrunn Park in the snow 53/365
A walk across Schönbrunn park in the snow

A beautiful city, certainly worth going back to.


29 thoughts on “At Schönbrunn in the snow

  1. I find myself missing the snow….it’s very humid and warm in Hong Kong right now.
    Love all your pics…Vienna is beautiful…show us more!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Claude

    Your ‘boots were certainly made for walking’.

    Do y ou have ‘two crowns’ its said the child with ‘two crowns’ will wander afar.

    Vienna + Sacher torte + coffee – yummy.

  3. Weird…last week someone said to me, “Let’s go to Vienna!” and I thought she was nuts. Austria? in the winter?? Now I’ll know better if someone asks again.

    Lovely photographs, as always…

  4. Beautiful! How I envy your travels!!! Thanks for taking us along!!!!!

    Something that piqued my interest is that the first settlement in Ohio was Schoenbrunn — founded by Moravian missionaries in 1772. It’s been restored and has long been a favorite place of mine to visit as it’s only about a half hour away from me. I can see that the Austrian version is just as pretty as ours — just as snowy, too! lol

  5. Snow and cameras. Doesn’t that combination seem to shout out for pictures like yours? And paths, another favorite of mine too. Been watching the snow here in New York from inside today (and not enough steps on the pedometer). But tomorrow…I’ll be out there and have your reminder.

  6. I sent your photostream to my daughter and her partner, who met in Vienna in the late 90’s. They will surely feel very nostalgic. And it’s nice that you have videos, too.
    Lovely work.

  7. Merci pour Vienne…j’ai pense immediatement a Barbara en vous lisant et j’avais un peu de nostalgie derriere mes lunettes embuees!

  8. Hello, Claude,

    I’ve been reading and following you for quite some time, and it’s high time I made contact. Lovely photographs. I really wish I could have swung by Vienna on our chorus tour last summer–Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, we were all around it, but never got to it. Oh, well, perhaps on my daughter’s/my 35/65 birthday week in Prague we can spend a few days there.

    Nice to finally “meet” you!


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