They’re gone

and a lot of them almost felt like they were part of my life. Like Paul Newman

2009 Academy Awards In Memoriam


13 thoughts on “They’re gone

  1. Ever since I worked in public relations back in the 1950s, I got in the habit of reading obituaries. Oh, there were so many papers then–most gone–and it was possible to compare styles of obit writing. Well, that’s why I was reading them, right?

    In those times these stories of peoples lives were the most human aspect of newspapers. Much like the “women’s pages,” now also something from the past.

    These days I notice more and more people expiring who are in my decade agewise–the seventies. There are even ones I’ve met–or once dated! It does give one pause but I’m still here. You too, Claude.

    • Yes, we are still around and enjoying it 🙂 It’s just that movie stars feel like old friends. I used to go to the movies all the time when I was a child and they were all familiar faces. I hate to see them go.

  2. Widmark was so handsome. I had such a crush on him. He was so quiet and strong. And Montalban, the Latin lover with a twinkle in his eye. Even Charlton Heston had his moments, especially in Planet of the Apes. Who could ever forget his posterior? Paul Newman? Well, I respected him, but he wasn’t my type.
    And “I’ll be Seeing You” is one of the great forgotten ballads.

  3. You read in the newspaper the ‘matched’ column in your twenties, ‘hatched’ column in your thirty and forties and ‘despatched’column from sixties onwards.

    So that is life – you are ‘hatched’, ‘matched'(well maybe) and certainly ‘dispatched.

  4. More and more familiar faces from the movies with which I’m familiar leave us each year. Not sure when I began to notice that was happening, but I pay increasing attention each year. Really hard to believe Paul Newman is gone, Richard Widmark and Cyd Charisse, all of which impacted me most.

  5. personnellement, celui que je regrette le plus, c’est Philippe Noiret…I know, I am supposed to write English,but I need a rest, smile.

  6. And now add one more: Natasha Richardson… it’s just so sad, so sudden. My favorite of all her movies, The White Countess, with Ralph Fiennes, shot in Shanghai.

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