Why do pansies always make me think of little old ladies with a scarf on their head?


18 thoughts on “Pansy

  1. Pansies were my grandmother’s favourite flowers and, yes, she always wore a scarf on her head when she went outdoors. I think the habit came from her going to church every day. She also would put a scarf on in church. What the connection to pansies is, I don’t know.

  2. My mother and I used to share pansies for sympathy. I don’t remember how the tradition began but it was one that gave comfort and still brings comfort when I see the smiles of the pansies… Don’t know about the scarf 🙂

  3. Lovely pansy photo. Reminds me of my Aunt where I first recall becoming aware of and enamored with pansies. This colorful flower lined her long driveway to the garage. Such a delight to see them emerging, especially peeking out from under a late snowfall.

  4. “Oh, wow!” was my unspoken thought on reaching this post. Great punch from the size and sharp color of the image. Pale-colored pansies would make me think of little old ladies’ window box gardens.

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