Some news

Got a mail from Millie Garfield yesterday. She made me realise how little I have been blogging lately.
I have been on jury duty since April 27 and still have three weeks to go.
Of course, there’s not much I can tell about this, except that my days are full, that I feel like I’ve gone back to work while I was a happy retiree.
When it’s all over, it will make me cherish my retirement even more.
Meanwhile, I am basically trying to focus on a minimum of physical exercise, mainly walking, and also trying to continue my taking and posting one photo a day on flickr .

Smoking break outside a restaurant

One of them has seen me

So this is my excuse for not blogging, but I must admit that my blogging has been pretty lame for the last year, I do feel like I have little to say and that writing is not my favourite mode of expression.
When jury duty is over, I might just resort to just posting photos or dropping the whole thing altogether.


24 thoughts on “Some news

  1. Claude, please realize that however little you say, we enjoy reading your posts. Just a few words commenting on a photo are sufficient.

    • Monica, how kind of you. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe Blogging in Paris will turn into a photoblog with just a written post here and there… 😀

  2. i heartily second that. your photos give a totally different dimension to paris. it helps that you tell us a bit about the scene in the photo, too.

  3. dropping the whole thing altogether…

    Pictures speak for themselves… so don’t worry, we could accept even if you do not write anything in your post… just send us silent posts! Lol.

    You can’t leave this blog sphere… it’s a part of you… am sure you are going miss these pages you have built for so long… and you are going to miss our blogs toooooo.

  4. Maybe I am one of the ‘blogger diarhea’ types that Tabor mentioned. I get carried away at times.

    I really enjoy a post with a few lovely photos, even without dialogue. That is especially true when the photos are of Paris, one of my favorite cities. So, if you have the time, post a few of your lovely photos of your beautiful city and I will be overjoyed.

    I am sure you will be happy when Jury Duty is over. As the current slang phrase says, “Hang in there.”

  5. Whatever you do that makes you happy is what’s important. If you feel like putting up a photo – that’s great – if you feel like saying a few words that’s fine too –

    The main thing is that you are well.

    I know you are counting the days until your jury duty is over ( what a long time to serve) and then you will be a free woman!! 😉

  6. Seconding all the others who encourage you to find your own particular bliss on the internet. Your photos are a delight, always–even a bit of caption enhances our view into your world. And good that you always have the camera with you during your own long trial of jury duty.

  7. Please don’t give up blogging as I’m a fan of your BLOG. I Love your visual sense and your photography, it’s in your blood.

    I’m sure that once the jury duty is over; life will be back to normal. You can continue to stroll the streets of your Paris and capture all these wonderful moments in time for us.

    Don’t give up, I await more posts to come!
    You have a bunch of fans worldwide Claude!
    Someone in Hong Kong will be really sad if you don’t carry on!!

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