Acknowledgements and thanks

  1. Without Ronni Bennett, at Time Goes By, I don’t think this blog would be the same. I owe her the timeline at the top of this blog and a lot of post ideas.
  2. Chris Waigl from Diacritiques helped me move the blog from to WordPress.
  3. Meg at MandarinDesign, who left us last June taught me about copying and pasting code to modify the appearance of posts. This blog is definitely, as she used to put it, trashed by Mandarin! 😉
  4. Leo Reynolds, a flickr friend has done a lot of work on graphics and hopefully will do more!
  5. Finally, thanks to Matt, from Wireless, this blog became WordPress 2.1 compliant, which could never have happened without him, and also helped me with the CSS, when I moved to