Life size

This week, for some reason, I came across quite a few graffiti, pasteups and other forms of street art

Here yesterday, gone today

He was as tall as me

and was there Monday and had either fallen from the wall for want of glue or been taken away on Tuesday!

Sitting on a wall

Sitting on a wall

Notice the woman’s face on her dress?

Who's watching whom?

She turned round to look at the cat

The caption says something like “the regular visitor that haunts the place”. I’m willing to accept any better translation 😀


Abandoned or forgotten

I was hurrying back to my jury duty session when I saw these, sitting on a ledge along the river Seine

Abandoned on the right bank of the Seine 138/365
Abandoned or forgotten?

No idea what they were doing there and didn’t have much time to check them out or browse. They did look pretty old.

Across the river Seine is Conciergerie, which is now part of Palais de Justice

Walking to and from Musée Marmottan


I must say that with winter and cold weather, my walking takes me quite a lot to museums and exhibitions since I’m lucky enough to live in a city that provides quite a lot of those.
Now, is it that I’ve seen too many of those, lately? Or is it that I was in a bad exhibition mood on that day?
I had decided to walk to Musée Marmottan, 2,6kms according to my iPhone map, except for the fact that I managed to get lost and probably walk longer 😀

La Seine from Pont Beaugrenelle

View from Pont de Grenelle

It was really freezing cold that day and my steps took me across Pont de Grenelle to the Right Bank of the Seine where Musée Marmottan is.

Musée Marmottan now houses mostly Claude Monet‘s paintings and has a special exhibition at the moment called Monet, l’Å“il impressionniste. A lot in the exhibition focuses on medical details about Monet’s eyes and how it influenced his art.
Well, I didn’t enjoy it, probably because I’m not all that interested in medical details, or even in Monet, I guess.
I don’t think I had ever seen that many Monet paintings gathered in a same place and am ashamed to admit he is not my favourite painter.
Probably because I am an ignoramus and don’t understand much about painting and art and also because I am more interested in the drawing and the composition than the colours?
Well, I really don’t know but it just didn’t appreciate the place the way some of my friends had.
On the way back, it was even more freezing, but this is what I saw on either side of the bridge

Eiffel tower, seen from Pont Beaugrenelle

The Eiffel Tower, seen from Pont de Beaugrenelle

What I like about rivers is that whenever you cross them, even if the view is always the same, the light never is!

Looking at Front de Seine

Rosy clouds mirrored in Front de Seine building

About the top photo, if you are wondering what that bateau-mouche is doing astride the river, it was taking a U-turn, the way those boats do it.

My weekly flick: more city lights

Champs-Elysées have dressed up for the Holiday Season

I debated whether I’d cover the din with some music, and decided that I’d be lazy as usual and would let you enjoy the true atmosphere, noise, traffic jams and all.
I was standing at Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées and looking towards the Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries, where they put the Ferris Wheel in the winter.

For better viewing, let the clip load completely before watching

My Weekly Flick: City Lights

My Weekly Flick has not really been weekly lately, neither has my Wednesday Window. Sorry about this, too much exercise, no doubt.:)
Here’s something I captured a couple of nights ago, crossing the river Seine and walking towards Notre-Dame de Paris. Even at night, while the bridge was rather deserted, there was an accordion playing.

Looking at the river Seine

For better viewing, let the clip load completely before watching