Some news

Got a mail from Millie Garfield yesterday. She made me realise how little I have been blogging lately.
I have been on jury duty since April 27 and still have three weeks to go.
Of course, there’s not much I can tell about this, except that my days are full, that I feel like I’ve gone back to work while I was a happy retiree.
When it’s all over, it will make me cherish my retirement even more.
Meanwhile, I am basically trying to focus on a minimum of physical exercise, mainly walking, and also trying to continue my taking and posting one photo a day on flickr .

Smoking break outside a restaurant

One of them has seen me

So this is my excuse for not blogging, but I must admit that my blogging has been pretty lame for the last year, I do feel like I have little to say and that writing is not my favourite mode of expression.
When jury duty is over, I might just resort to just posting photos or dropping the whole thing altogether.