Moving on

I want to thank you all for the encouraging comments on my last post.
As the title of this post states it, I think it’s time for me to move on. I have never been much of a writer, but I guess that I needed to write about what I had been.
Now my life style has changed and although Blogging in Paris will stay online, with its five or so years of regular and irregular posting, I am moving to a new venture, one that started at the beginning of 2009, urged by one of my flickr friends and brilliant photographers, AuntieP, in which I try to take and post at least one photo a day.

Grand Palais glass roof

I am on day 178 as I only started the project on January 2nd of 2009.
The result of my efforts will be posted at a new blog, one that I started a week or so ago, called, what else, PhotoBlogging in Paris.

Those of you who like photos can go there and I’ll be delighted to see their comments if any


19 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Well, we all move on. I’m happy to see you are continuing with blogging for your photography, which is so fabulous. You have such a wonderful eye and a very special place to share your visions, captured –both real (paris) and digitally (your new photoblog). I’ll keep coming — over there.

    I’m now hiking almost every day in the mountains and NOT being much on my computer. Life is all about transitions.

    Cheers,…. motherpie.

  2. Hi Claude,

    Just wondering : why not keep everything in one place (blogging in paris) ? It makes it easier to backup.

    Anyway, I’ll subscribe to the new photo blog 🙂

  3. I am on my way now to your your new blog. Photography is my hobby and I always enjoy looking at the pictures others have taken; especially when it is of one of my favorite cities, Paris. I didn’t see nearly enough when I was there about 23 years ago and love a photo journey to view scenes I missed. I will put your new blog on my list.

    Lovely blue sky with fluffy white clouds in this photo.

  4. I love photography, especially your. I would love to visit Paris one day, but I feel like I have come to know a little of it from you and your pictures….
    Thank you so much….

  5. I’ll be following you as you move on. Even though you won’t be “Blogging In Paris” you will still be talking to us through your photos!!

    I’ve always enjoyed them and look forward to MORE. 😉

  6. I guess we all have to move forward, but I’m sorry you won’t be adding some commentary with your wonderful photos anymore. A few years ago, I spent four glorious days in Paris. (That’s all I could afford, and the only place I’ve ever been outside the U.S.) So, when I originally discovered your blog, I loved visiting it to see what adventure (big or small) you were up to. It was almost as good as being there.

    Good luck with your new venture. (I say that–but with much reluctance. My mother taught me to try at all times to be gracious. So, okay. Best of luck.)

  7. Read the notice about your change over at ElderExercise. Seems right and movement that seemed to be percolating for some time. As all the others, watching your images will be another, different, kind of pleasure. Here’s to change (lifting imaginary glass). yours, naomi

  8. Hello again Claude, it seems quite a few of us are feeling a bit ‘faded’ when it comes to blogging so, although I find your writing as absorbing as ever I do understand your urge to go over to photography and will certainly be coming to ‘see you’ at your new ‘address’.
    Hope the jury service isn’t taking up too much of your time and energy.

  9. Oh, my goodness! Has it been that long since I’ve been here? I’ll miss your writing. Best wishes with your new blog venture. I enjoy your photos so will stop by.

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