Life size

This week, for some reason, I came across quite a few graffiti, pasteups and other forms of street art

Here yesterday, gone today

He was as tall as me

and was there Monday and had either fallen from the wall for want of glue or been taken away on Tuesday!

Sitting on a wall

Sitting on a wall

Notice the woman’s face on her dress?

Who's watching whom?

She turned round to look at the cat

The caption says something like “the regular visitor that haunts the place”. I’m willing to accept any better translation 😀

12 thoughts on “Life size

  1. Graffiti are sometimes fun, sometimes beautiful and often ugly and inartistic. Something for everyone.

    Isn’t the “esprit familier” the demon, daemon or supernatural entity that empowers witches and magicians? (And reappears as the ghostly “guide” of spiritualist practitioners.)

    Perhaps the artist sees the spirit that haunts that place as a wild-eyed cat. Wild, independent but also a little frightening. Something to make you glance nervously over your shoulder as you pass that way at night.


  2. Yes, I think SilverTiger is correct – I would translate “familiar spirit” – usually the animal tool of the practitioner but in this case probably associated with the place in a supernatural way! A bit spooky!

  3. I saw that cat while I was there! Was going to take a photo of it, but was caught in a bit of crowd at the time — thanks for the image!

  4. great! i agree with silvertiger about the “esprit familier” being what we call over here a “familiar”…a witch’s cat or pet animal. something like that.

    paste ups! wot next?

  5. The translation is, “This is the familiar spirit of the place.” (And I concur with the others on the meaning of ‘familiar spirit.’)

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